Karen Conley, President and CEO of Charity for Change

"Progressive Bridges has catapulted us into an exciting phase of our development.  By providing a research-based evaluation of our School “Giver” Program, Dr. Bruening will give us the tools with which to articulate the effectiveness of our program.  This is invaluable in communicating the impact of the program on students, families, schools, and the community. 
Dr. Bruening’s experience and concise outline of the information gathering process, methodology, and procedures made the process smooth and timely.  Her experience in summarizing and prioritizing information available internally, and creating the process for gathering information externally, made our part of the process simple and seamless. We would recommend Dr. Bruening and Progressive Bridges to educators and program providers, as her experience, broad perspective, and creative abilities to customize her product to meet our need far exceeded our expectations

Andrea Nachtigall, CEO of Cloud9World

Dr. Pamela Bruening and Progressive Bridges, Inc. have been one of the biggest reasons Cloud9World’s Character Strength Building Program has had such success.  The curriculum and assessment platform Dr. Bruening developed for our company is praised by educators around the country and around the world.  The level of knowledge Dr. Bruening has with both curriculum and assessment development, as well as in regard to research, are far beyond anything we have seen.  Thank you, Dr. Bruening, for making our company a success!

Keith L. Brown, "Mr. I'M POSSIBLE."

Pam and the Progressive Bridges team were a "Breath of Fresh Air" to work with. Pam embraced my vision and from day one it was evident she and her team would produce a "World Class" curriculum for me. I EXPECT my impact and influence to be enhanced greatly due to Pam's genuine care, creativity and commitment to excellence.  

Marcos Quiros, CEO, Software Architect at Softwarenology - Global Educational Solutions

"I have worked with Pam for some years now and I am still impressed with her educational knowledge and positive attitude. Pam is also a great business and educational analyst as she has a tremendous ability to translate educational knowledge to product value. We are more than pleased with Pam's great work!"
Rohan Webb, Director Interactive Teaching & Learning (ITAL) Education, New Jersey

"Dr. Bruening crafted a clear pathway to my familiarity with the nuances of RTI. Her brand of articulation and content delivery is most particular and engaging. I worked extensively with Pamela developing professional learning online software to compliment her company's face-to-face practices. We also collaborated on a blended learning approach for delivery of her college classes. Throughout, Pam exercised a depth of knowledge and concrete analyzes in bridging the gap between "traditional" approaches and new individualized "learning journeys "
Hotep, CEO and Founder of Hustle University

The amazing work of Progressive Bridges has greatly enhanced the classroom usability and sales of my books during the past few years.  Their lesson plans and assessments have turned my books into products, and put together, they have created a program – The Make-A-Way Program!      

Dr. Dennis Thompson, Former Superintendent of Collier Schools, Florida

“Dr. Bruening is a highly accomplished leader and educator with extensive experience in both the public and private sector. She has the organizational, interpersonal and professional skills to be an immediate value-added asset to any K-12 school district, either as a consultant or district senior leader. ”

Barry Brown, Author, Education consultant & Strategist, Student-Athlete Motivator & Speaker

"Dr. Pamela Bruening is the epitome of professionalism and forward thinking! I am very happy with the work that her Progressive Bridges Team did in putting together my Facilitator's Guide and Student Journal! The Student-Athlete Playbook (Success in the Classroom, Sports & Life!) is now a complete package available to schools and organizations across the country!"

The Student-Athlete Playbook emphasizes the same passion & effort put forth achieving in sports ... is the same passion & effort put forth achieving in the classroom & in life!


Paul Kramer, Author

I appreciate the work of the Progressive Bridges team in creating lesson plans to accompany my books.  Their work is thorough and professional, and always completed in a timely manner.  

Coming Events and Presentations

Sep 29 Florida Association for Staff Development
with DeeperDive Learning, Inc.
*available for consultation
St Petersburg, FL

Oct 15-17 National Character Education Conference
with Cloud9World - *available for consultation
Atlanta, GA

Oct 25-28 National Dropout Prevention Conference
presenting 2 Breakout Sessions
1. 8 Barrier Busters to Increase Student Learning
2. 10 Data Analysis Habits that Lead to Effective Academic & Behavior Intervention

*available for consultation
San Antonio, TX

Nov 18-22 National Association of Black School Educators Conference
*available for consultation
Washington, DC

Feb 14-17, 2016 At-Risk Youth National FORUM
*available for consultation
Myrtle Beach, SC

Mar 6-9, 2016 National Youth-At-Risk Conference
*available for consultation
Savannah, GA

Mar 16-19, 2016 NAEA Conference on Alternative Education - *available for consultation
Jacksonville, FL

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