Need some friendly advice from a seasoned teacher in elementary, middle, high school, or college level? Not sure who to ask?? Connect with a seasoned professional educator on a monthly basis to help you “fill in the gaps”, solve a specific issue, or provide you with research-based and time-tested ideas for YOUR classroom!

Get started now!! Here’s how!!

  1. Decide on your mentoring subscription plan (see below).

  2. Pay using safe PayPal account. Print your receipt.

  3. Click on the message in green to return to your personal email.

  4. Complete the form below with your information designed to provide you with a strong mentor match.

  5. Your online teacher mentor will email you within 48 hours to establish a connection with you, determine times when you can meet online, and introduce you to group chat opportunities.

  6. You may renew at any time for additional months as needed, keeping the same mentor if you desire.
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Mentoring Subscriptions

30 min 1-on-1 Mentoring (Skype) - Mentor Teacher
30 min Open Discussion (webinar) - Pam
Customer Price
A 1 months 4 2 $59  
B 1 months 6 0 $59  
C 3 months 15 6 $158  
D 3 months 18 0 $158  
E 9 months 45 9 $450*  
F 9 months 50 0 $450*  
        *10+ Teachers = $425  
New Tools


MTSS/RtI School Tools
Tools to support schools in implementing and documenting intervention support systems.

Teacher Team Tools
Tools to help teams of teachers in implementing and documenting intervention support systems.

MTSS/RtI Survey Tools(to come)
Data gathering tools to support districts, schools, and teachers in implementing intervention support systems.

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