Progressive Bridges has worked closely with serveral companies in developing their products. We therefore recommend the following:


LEAPS: Increase desired behaviors with this complete high quality multi-tiered behavior intervention (K-12), including Common leapsCore dirven lesson plans, an assessment system with graphing, growth measures, and fidelity, and specific progress monitoring tools to track classroom application of learned skills.  Go to and mention Progressive Bridges, and get a free online demo!


softwarenologySOFTWARENOLOGY: At last, a suite of hot new products from Softwarenology coordinate for increased ease of Response to Intervention implementation, documentation, and embedded professional development to improve team problem-solving and data analysis, enhance communication between school stakeholders, customize data reports, build electronic student portfolios, and increase coordinated school-student-community engagement!  This is a must-see for any school and district implementing high quality multi-tiered academic and behavior intervention support for all students!  Go to today, mention Progressive Bridges, and schedule an online demo today! 

young scholars
MAKE-A WAY: Motivate and inspire youth (grades 6-12) with one of three different exciting new behavior intervention packages!  Each package addresses multi-tiered support and includes student texts and an intervention/lesson guide with intervention directions, documentation tools, a pre/post assessment to measure growth, a progress monitoring tool specific to book content, and a fidelity tool.  Highly recommended for youth struggling with school success, school attendance, motivation, leadership, and general behavior issues.  Correlated to the Common Core writing, reading, and speaking/listening standards, these products are perfect for use in guidance groups, regular classroom, in school suspension, and more!  Email or call for package pricing from the Make A Way at and mention Progressive Bridges today!  

young scholarsMY SAFE SCHOOLS: My Safe Schools delivers a state of the art Bullying Alert System along with exceptional videos for young children, teens, parents, and educators. Bring proactive bullying prevention curriculum designed to enable students to learn to recognize bullying and use S.T.O.P. to stop bullying to the general education classrooms with BIRTS for K-5 students. For more information on their reasonable pricing, go to and mention Progressive Bridges today!

Design-Your-Own Workshops
Choose from a variety of workshop topics to design the best professional development for YOUR staff.
Teacher Mentors
Connect to Professional Learning Network: Looking for confidential experienced educators to turn to for solid and practical advice?
District/School Collaboration
Utilize our tools, your district or school data, in a collaborative effort to increase increase student achievement.
Educational Product Development
Progressive Bridges will develop your programs, software, curriculum and other educational products.
Program Evaluation
Hire Progressive Bridges as a third party evaluator to improve grant opportunities or enhance your product/service credibility.
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