Professional Learning Networks Collaborative Consulting Research Development and Evaluation
Professional Learning Network Collaborative Consultation Research Development Evaluation


"Problem-solving together to make your systems make sense!"

How Progressive Bridges, Inc. Can Serve You

We believe that change is best accomplished with collaborative problem-solving and researched best practices. A collaborative group comprised of local school/district personnel and an experienced educator with an external point of view all focused on positive, proactive, and progressive solutions can accomplish amazing results!

Progressive Bridges, Inc. consultants can support you in:

  • Connecting your systems and programs for increased student achievement

  • Connecting your teachers & tools for increased student engagement

  • Implementing powerful academic and/or behavior interventions

  • Implementing multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS or RtI) for all students

  • Implementing Positive Behavior Support (PBIS)

  • Implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Why use Progressive Bridges Consulting & Problem-Solving Services?
  • Focus on positive collaboration and progressive results

  • Driven by research-based problem-solving and available data

  • Supported by current research-based strategies

  • Qualified experienced consultants matched to your specific school/district needs

Looking to save money and time with a consultant?

  • Buy training blocks of time for greater savings!

  • Cluster training days for a deeper discount!

  • Vary formats (on-site and virtual) for greater savings and increased interest!

Dr. Bruening is a highly accomplished leader and educator with extensive experience in both the public and private sector. She has the organizational, interpersonal and professional skills to be an immediate value-added asset to any K-12 school district, either as a consultant or district senior leader.

Dr. Dennis Thompson, Former Superintendent of Collier Schools, Florida

Design-Your-Own Workshops
Choose from a variety of workshop topics to design the best professional development for YOUR staff.
District/School Collaboration
Utiliz a variety of our tools, your district or school data, and a collaborative problem-solvong process to increase forward movemnet of your organization toward increased student achievement.
Educational Product Development
Come to Progressive Bridges for top notch experience in product development and expansion for all kinds of educational products, programs, software, and curriculum.
Program Evaluation

Take your organization to a new level with timely data and research you can count on to increase your organization’s credibility.

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